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About Us

Redefining wellness as an accessible luxury through our space and nourishing cuisine

Located in the vibrant Robertson Quay, Botany is more than just a restaurant—it's a sanctuary where culinary delight and mindful living converge. Founded in 2019 by Cassandra Riene, this all-day dining haven offers a diverse menu that caters to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat lovers alike, ensuring every diner finds something to savour.

At the time of its inception, dining options were starkly divided: health-focused establishments often lacked broad appeal, popular cafes occasionally compromised on nutrition, and upscale restaurants sometimes exuded an overly formal atmosphere. Cassandra’s ambition was to create a harmonious balance with Botany—a place where the rejuvenation of body and spirit is as important as the enjoyment of mindful, delicious food.


Drawing on her experience as a tech startup founder, Cassandra identified a need for a versatile weekday space. Botany was designed to serve dual purposes: as a tranquil workspace for professionals during the week, a gathering spot for various communities and a lively venue for families and friends to connect over the weekends.

Today, Botany stands at the forefront of Singapore’s fusion dining scene, redefining the dining experience by marrying sophistication with accessibility and making mindful living integral to every visit. It is celebrated as a destination where diverse diners come together, united by a love for nourishing meals.

Botany is also a proud part of The Well Group, a portfolio of ventures started by Cassandra Riene that emphasises wellness and community. Each entity within The Well Group is designed to support and enhance personal and collective well-being, furthering our commitment to a healthier, more connected world.

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